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Thank you for the wonderful video. I going there next year 2020.
Comment from : Rajesh4cat

Poder Interior
Thank you! 👏🏼🙏🏼
Comment from : Poder Interior

Adventures of David and Aaron
How far is this hotel from Times Square
Comment from : Adventures of David and Aaron

giselle tovar
Hallway in front of the elevator looks very tight
Comment from : giselle tovar

Jonathan Browne Menzies
Thank YOU for your support and encouragement! Looking for a NYC souvenir? Please consider this NYC T-Shirt! www.zazzle.com/z/gn7fh?rf=238393947546863379
Comment from : Jonathan Browne Menzies

thx for taking the time to make this video, it really helps, all the best from the uk
Comment from : pablo123b

bill hicks
Comment from : bill hicks

Thank you Jonathan, I’m going back to NY soon👍
Comment from : Alexr8

How’s this hotel 2018, still good?
Comment from : Alexr8

The further a building is built back from the street the taller it is allowed to be i think
Comment from : Jackedyy265

Dolly Valdes
They got a thumbs up on my list.
Comment from : Dolly Valdes

Thanks for sharing your experience in this hotel. Ill be staying here soon
Comment from : I’m JOJO

Arunav Das
Hey nice video..Kindly make videos of "CHEAP" and easily accessible hotels of NYC
Comment from : Arunav Das

david murphy
Islamic terrorists staying there I see .
Comment from : david murphy

Just came back from my stay there. Everything was pretty good except for the elevator. It was just terrible.
Comment from : Andy

Supa J
Shoe box rooms!
Comment from : Supa J

Great review you've got a new subscriber. The last time that I was in NYC was May of 2000 on the way to the U.K. & I ate at a great basement Indian buffet right next to Port Authority bus terminal.
Comment from : ConservativeAtheist

Uoo Hoo
No iron & ironing board?
Comment from : Uoo Hoo

Nic W
I stayed here in 2013 and was very pleased. The staff was very nice and the continental breakfast was great. The only downsides are the tiny rooms, as to be expected in NYC, and the elevators, as you mentioned. The super convenient location more than made up for it, I even had a view of the Empire State Building!
Comment from : Nic W

wow its so neat and clean...how cost..?
Comment from : NoMax

George Martin
So, Ray Ramano is reviewing hotels now.
Comment from : George Martin

Thanks for this video review, I booked this hotel for my first visit to New York. The rate per night is high and heard it is a great location. Tripadvisor latest reviews some say hotel is under renovation, which hopefully is completed by the time I visit.
Comment from : EuroRocket

Phillips Mom
How much was this room per night?
Comment from : Phillips Mom

I am watching your video and can't help but think you sound just like Ray Romano. It's uncanny.
Comment from : johns80schick

This is a very nice video.
Thanks for showing us this view of the hostel

Comment from : Marie

Zach Malloy
I'm definitely booking here now after watching this lol. Thank you!
Comment from : Zach Malloy

How many floors was that? Did it have free parking? Did it have complimentary breakfast?
Comment from : OM G

LaShonda Monroe'
Comment from : LaShonda Monroe'

Nicole Novo
Looks clean and nice! Also loved the view! I don't live in the city, Hollywood and LA are about 25 minutes away by freeway from where I live. I like your east coast accent too! :)
Comment from : Nicole Novo

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