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Martin Scruggs
I think you'll really like the Rum Room. I'm a native NYer, ex=patriot. I know the pianist. If you're planning on doing some drinking the Edison is perfect, you can enjoy the crowd in the bar and just fall up to your room. Always been safe. Even in worst times NYPD had a cop posted right outside the bar. I could set my watch to when the police sergeant would come by and check the post. In addition, the Hotel Edison has traditionally been a favorite hault of Europeans visiting NYC.
Comment from : Martin Scruggs

Watcha One
Stayed here for a week in 2010 loved it so central nice staff
Comment from : Watcha One

Sean Kelleher
Got bed bugs here
Comment from : Sean Kelleher

Angelica Armendaris
If I stayed here in December would I be able to see the balldrop?
Comment from : Angelica Armendaris

I stayed there in 1989 for 2 days, the room I was in was completely horrible. no better then a motel6 room. filthy rugs, smelled musty. hope it has changed since then.
Comment from : MrMferg240

Thanks for the video. Im coming for the first time to US and New York next spring and i chose this hotel. Mixed feelings about the reviews. Some gave 1 and other people 5 stars.
Comment from : Grenadier1

Big B Kenobi
The rooms are dingy and old af. The lobby, elevators, and hallways look brand new. And the room is NOISEY. (Im in it right now) you might as well be sleeping on the street. And my bednis broken down, im having to sleep on the right hand side of it to avoid the sink hole. The TV is tiny. These rooms need gutted.
Comment from : Big B Kenobi

Krista Carlson
Thank you for the review! Staying here next week for two nights with my 11 year old daughter. Wanted a hotel in Times Square so we can easily walk to the theaters, restaurants, etc. Kind of nervous about the quality (not the size since we’re only there to sleep/shower) of our room after reading some reviews. Debating on whether or not I should request a certain floor for a renovated room....🤔
Comment from : Krista Carlson

strawberry creme
any reports of bed bugs? i’m staying here soon and wanna know.
Comment from : strawberry creme

Staying there in a couple weeks. Can’t wait.
Comment from : APizzle90

Susan Dinsmore
Oh wow! I stayed here for a high school orchestra trip in 1993! Right after the World Trade Center was bombed.
Comment from : Susan Dinsmore

How much was the room? Taxes fees etc.
Comment from : milenda99

Nice! We would enjoy the lights at night.
Comment from : myfamilynme

DeRan Truesdale
Nice Hotel!
Comment from : DeRan Truesdale

Michael Coffey
nice :)
Comment from : Michael Coffey

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